Sad status for your social network

Really sad status, nice shayari

I hate being broken. I hate that i cannot go back.
I hate being broken. I hate that I cannot go back.
I felt a great emptiness without him, I will miss him the rest of my life.
I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms 🙁
I don’t need drugs, Life is killing me slowly all by itself.

I feel crappy inside,like something just broke.
I Don’t Believe That Time Heals Everything. Minutes, Hours, Months, And Years Just Give You More Time To Realize What You’re Missing.
I don’t usually sleep enough, but when I do, it’s still not enough.
I cry then I cut, then I cry again, it never ends.
I act like I don’t care, but deep inside, it hurts.
How did we go from talking everyday to strangers?
How did I go from being so happy, to so sad..
How did I go from being so happy, to so sad…
How can I go back to where the smile i had was real.
his isn’t a Whatsapp Status…this is just to show that no status matches my feelings right now. 🙁
Going to keep all secrets to myself since some people i can’t trust :'(
First time I cut was just to feel the pain, Strange because I didn’t feel a thing.
Everybody knows that something’s wrong but nobody knows what’s going on.
Don’t Trust Too Much, Don’t Love Too Much And Don’t Hope Too Much .. Because That Too Much Can Hurt You In The Same Way So Much !
Don’t try to please other people if in the end, you know it wont work.
Breaking Up Is Just Like Having The Worst Nightmare After Having The Best Dream
Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.
1 day you will see what you lost. 1 day I’ll see what I gained.
A Heart Dies, When Its Not Able To Share Its Feelings But A Heart Kills It Self When Another Heart Does Not Understand Its Feeling…!!”
A great many people have a soldier’s stomach – everything they eat goes to the front.
“Love that gives us our pet is unique, I feel very sad because my dog died. In the house it!!!!
“I try to muster up the courage to not feel defeated, but it is very difficult to deal with this. “
“Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.”
“It’s never going to be the same again. And that’s whats killing me.”

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